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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Workshops on Investment Banking

Investment Banking

IIIBSR draws on its resources to conduct workshops for young practitioners and management students. These workshops are typically 2 to 4 day programs with a theme.  Our mentors and professors offer these workshops across all three of our specialties. Investment banking. Strategy & Family Office management. We also greatly borrow resources for these workshops from leading corporates to ensure theory and practical knowledge are equally covered.

Within Investment banking the themes may be capital raising or challenges faced in emerging markets. Within strategy the themes can be from entry strategy to exit strategy to product management in a bank. As for family office management the themes can range form product to management to setting up a family office. We also cover setting up conduits overseas at tax heavens.

While we offer a few off the shelf workshops most workshops are made to order depending on the audience. Do speak to us and explore how we can work together and empower your team.