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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab


As the India story unfolds and globalization gathers pace the investment banking industry is set to grow exponentially. This in turn will spawn the need for high quality professionals with not only the traditional investment banking skills but also with a firm grounding in research. At present there is probably no institute in India which offers a doctorate programme in this field. The Indus Institute (IIIBSR) has been set up to address specifically this particular gap.

A doctoral programme will not only further the careers of the investment banking professionals but also help grow the industry further and enable India to develop an image for high quality professionals. Such a programme will also strengthen the link between academia and industry so that what is offered in the doctoral programme finds instant application in the corporate world.

The PhD programme is being offered in partnership with an international University of repute and will be delivered through a combination of the distance learning, Online study and campus lectures. The programme will draw heavily on case studies and will be backed up by interactions with industry leaders. This programme compliments the MBA\CFA\CA\CS\LLB qualifications and gives working professionals a chance to upgrade their knowledge without having to quit their existing jobs.

          Why should you enrol for a Doctorate program?

  1. Develop Creative/Out of the Box thinking:
    This rigorous programme not only results in increased knowledge but also stimulate your thoughts beyond existing boundaries.  This enables a student practitioner to emerge as a thought leader and helps you position his or her career differently.

  2. Emerge As a Leader:
    A doctorate program is the unique education process that prepares you to be at the forefront of business research and to disseminate cutting edge knowledge to managers, Institutions and organisations. This helps you to emerge as a leader & stand apart within your organization & the industry as a whole.
  3. Un-Matched Networking opportunity:
    Such a programme helps you to collaborate\network with peers, juniors and senior members of academia and industry. This gives you an unmatched network and a talent pool to draw upon for support.

  4. Speaker Opportunities:
    A Doctorate opens the door for speaking opportunities at various industry/ academic platforms and strengthens your credentials.

  5. Writing Opportunities:
    This is also the gateway to writing opportunities in industry journals as well as in the national media. In a world driven by the Internet, these opportunities are often global in nature.

  6. Circle of Influence drawn from peers, alumni and colleagues:
    Time spent in writing a thesis forces you to spend time and discuss ideas with peers and industry connects; this gives you a life time of power and influence over key decision makers across the industry you are studying. Your circle of influence becomes wider and you end up creating a network of peers and industry contacts which have a great positive effect on your career, knowledge and life.

  7. Lasting Impact &  Career Transformation:
    The transformation in  thought process brought about by the programme can help a person to leapfrog from being a manager/business leader to occupying seats on the board as such a person  has the right blend of academia and experience of real life business situations.  A thesis has its roots in research but is backed up by testing in the laboratory of real life business. 

  8. Advantages of Writing a Thesis:
    The 1st advantage of thesis writing consists in enlarging your knowledge greatly due to constant reading of various sources needed for writing your work and covering the topic.
    The 2nd advantage of thesis writing consists in the improvement of your critical thinking that is imperative for a senior management / board role.
    The 3rd advantage of thesis writing is that you get acquainted with lots of people as industry interviews and interaction is the main method of your research at Indus Institute.

  9. Next Level:
    Your study towards writing a thesis combined with speaker opportunities & networking brings out the thought leader in you. This is probably the best way to take your career to the next level.

  10. Disseminate Your knowledge:
    For people who have been there and done that! Writing a thesis is imperative. This is the only practical, easy & sure-shot way to disseminate your knowledge, experience and expertise.

  11. Become a Famous Author:
    Indus Institute has a tie up with multiple leading publishers and every thesis will be examined for a possibility to be published and converted in to a book.