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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Current Sponsorship Available For Students

IIIBSR provides a broad range of scholarship opportunities for a number of our exceptional students thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporate and foundation donors, corporate members and the Indus Institute.

While every student can apply for a Sponsorship / Scholarship & their application will be routed through the committee responsible; the following sponsorships have already been declared. Prospective students are encouraged to apply for these positions at the earliest. These pre-approved sponsorships will be granted by the respective committee on a first come first serve basis: subject to a scholarship test. Also the same will be subject to eligibility & admissions committee clearance.

PhD in Investment Banking

Topics Suggested are: your thesis has to revolve around the suggested topic. Details can be discussed with the Dean.

  1. M&A scenario in Srilanka
  2. M&A Scenario in South Africa
  3. M&A possibilities between India & any one African country
  4. M&A possibilities between India & America
  5. M&A in the food sector
  6. M&A / Consolidation within the Brokerage business
  7. Solar energy sector : M&A, or PE or Listing
  8. FPO / IPO / QIP
  9. Listing on NYSE & other foreign exchanges
  10. Linkages between M&A and Brand Acquisitions
  11. M&A in Social Media

PhD in Strategy

Topics suggested are:

  1. Entry Strategy: In India: for a foreign Corporate within the financial sector
  2. Private Banking Product Strategy & Effects
  3. Ratings for SME / MME; Strategy / Issues
  4. Debt funding / Listing for SME / MME in India
  5. Strategy for a Stock Exchange
  6. Risk management in banks
  7. IT related strategy
  8. Strategy for corporates engaged in food / franchise business
  9. Strategy for corporates engaged in Automobile business
  10. Strategy for corporates engaged in Solar / Hydro / Nuclear / Any Alternate energy
  11. Strategy & Execution
  12. Focused study of a single Indian company which has setup shop abroad
  13. Success of an Automobile OEM supplier: product, growth, Sales
  14. Organizational Transformation Strategy with a single company as a case

PhD in Family Office Management

Topics suggested are:

  1. Ideal Product portfolio and the issues thereof
  2. Multi family Office Business : Indian Scenerio
  3. Banks & Family Office Management
  4. Comparison between India and a European Family Office / Management
  5. Advent & future prospects of Trusteeship companies in India
  6. Family Business & Family Offices: (this is specifically for owners of a family business)

please note

  1. The above sponsorships/ scholarships / financial aid are topic based. These topics have been shortlisted by two methods. Some topics have been shortlisted by internal committees. The committee believes that we should encourage research on these topics and hence the scholarships. Second: our corporate / Individual sponsors wish for students to come out with research on certain topics. These sponsorships are for research based (PhD) programs only.
  2. The scholarship amount is given to students to come out with research on certain topics of strategic importance. Hence the same is given at the end of the research. However a few students may get the benefit of the same by way of fee reduction based on approvals by respective committees.
  3. A flat scholarship of rupees 1 lacs (one hundred thousand Indian rupees) will be paid to one student per topic on completion of the program. A reduction in fees for a similar amount can also be considered. Please discuss the same with the Dean.
  4. A total of 10 students* will be given such sponsorships. The management may decide to increase / decrease the number / amounts without prior notice. Five (5) seats are reserved for female candidates.
  5. These are pre-approved topics. Over and above these topics: The scholarship & Sponsorship committee will grant additional sponsorships to deserving candidates.
  6. One student per topic is the general rule. Sponsorship committees may however grant sponsorships to multiple students within each topic. Such amounts may wary.
  7. Above mentioned topics are broad based: the students have to discuss with the dean / mentor and arrive at a thesis topic within the suggested framework.