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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Invitaion For Sponsorship

The Preamble

IIIBSR provides a broad range of scholarship opportunities for a number of our exceptional students thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporate and foundation donors, corporate members and the Indus Institute.

All applicants can apply for the iiibsr fellowship support.
Criteria for selection of awards may include academic achievement, compelling leadership, exceptional professional development, and unique personal qualities. A formal fellowship application is mentioned herewith and notification of fellowship support is included with the admissions decision.

Scholarships for meritorious Students; Up to 99%* of fees.

Why should You sponsor?

IIIBSR is the first institute dedicated to Investment banking, strategy and family office management. The industry support we have garnered is spectacular.  To further the cause of research we keenly seek donor companies.

Promote excellence in your business via sponsorship and philanthropic support

The IIIBSR undertakes research projects on behalf of a variety of clients from the private, public and not for profit sectors, including foundations. These are to generate funds to sponsor needy and deserving students and encourage studies and particularly research.

Equally important is the role of corporate sponsorships, particularly for our educational practices. Sponsorship makes it possible for us to organize events, conferences, workshops and seminars at affordable prices and to reach out to students and practitioners. IIIBSR places increasing emphasis on developing long term relationships with our sponsors, who share our commitment to research and education.

Advantages to sponsors

  1. Un-matched branding within the Investment banking / Strategy / Family Office Management communities.
  2. Opportunity to understand latest industry trends.
  3. Branding at IIBC events.
  4. Young practitioners bring out research reports for your companies. This is at very low cost.
  5. Opportunity to give back to the community through deserving students.
  6. Partial sponsorships are available to match your budgetary needs.
  7. Opportunity to sponsor a chair. And have access to research on a continual basis.

Please write to  /  for further a one on one discussion to address your needs at the right costs.