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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Welcome to the Indus Institute PhD Programme

Message from The Mentoring Board

“Our education programs are of course about knowledge. Not just knowledge in the traditional sense of acquiring it from books. Our PhD programme is about an opportunity to convert your experience, expertise and thoughts into a thesis for generations to come. Thanks to the power of the Internet it is about creating a global repository of knowledge. The programme provides opportunity for networking and building a personal brand through speaking at events, writing in journals, coming out with new ideas and creating new theories and action plans for practitioners.
Our PG programs are done at the comfort of your home but the rigorous book reviews, case study approach and online interaction with our professors and your excellent peer group ensures that the program serves your need for a methodological understanding necessary to approach research & management issues at the frontier of knowledge, enabling participants to understand, design and implement research projects across the broad subjects of investment banking, strategy & family office management.
Our workshops are usually a 2 to 3 day in house program followed by a project report within 45 days. These workshops are much in demand from management & finance student’s across the country. These are thematic workshops and mostly made to order looking at experience & expertise of the audience.
Welcome to this new world of opportunity. Do speak to one of the mentors for guidance.

We invite you to explore this site to learn about our various programs. iiibsr programs offer a unique education that prepares you to be at the forefront of business research and to disseminate cutting edge knowledge to managers and organisations.  Learn more about how you can benefit.

We look forward to being in touch.


Mentoring Team.


Becoming an Academic Thought Leader

IIIBSR offers an ideal environment for you to explore your research interests. The expertise & experience of our faculty expertise offers you unmatched opportunities to find your path as a scholar. Faculty members & mentors work collaboratively with you, guiding your investigation of theories & ideas. You are a valued practitioner, peer and colleague engaged in generating relevant new knowledge and becoming an intellectual thought leader.

At IIIBSR you find all the networking opportunities, tools, guidance, resources, and support you need to catapult your career on to a much higher plane.

Great Network of Mentors, Guides, Faculty & Advisors

IIIBSR’s outstanding network of mentors, guides, faculty & advisory board gives you a ready access to a great depth & range of thinking in the field of investment banking & strategy. The environment is greatly stimulating, supportive & collaborative.

An extremely low student/faculty ratio means that you have a very close relationship with your advisor and options for finding the right research fit.


IIIBSR offers a right mix of class room study, online study and self-study. This combined with guest lectures, book reviews, global case studies and networking makes it very convenient for a working professional.

First & Foremost

IIIBSR is the first institute in India to be dedicated to Investment banking, Family Office Management & Strategy. A PhD from IIIBSR ensures that you get unmatched opportunities.

Publishing Opportunity

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing your PhD program at IIIBSR is that every student is encouraged to publish a book. Every thesis goes through multiple publishers examined for the possibility of being published. Our book writers club has eminent authors, editors and publishers present to hand hold, encourage and persuade our students to come out with their own books and articles.
We also encourage co publishing with our senior guides and mentors. Thus greatly increasing the chance of your book getting published.

Indus Institute Journal of Management* will also provide an opportunity to students, non-students and industry practitioners to put forth their ideas, research and experiences.

Speaker opportunities

Our strong ties with management colleges ensure every student is considered for a speaker/ lecturing opportunity. Speaker opportunities will also be given to select students at events organized by IIBC & associate bodies.


An in-house club; IIBC ensures regular networking opportunities.

Live Mandates / Case study format

Select Students are encouraged to assist professors, mentors and guides on live Investment banking mandates. This gives IIIBSR students an inherent strength not offered by any other Institute.