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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Indus Investment Banking Club

Welcome to IIIBSR

The Indus Institute of Investment Banking, Strategy & Research is the first Institute in India to be dedicated to investment banking, strategy & family office management. IIIBSR will serve as the springboard for cutting edge research on the subjects; provide a talent pool for industry, create a distinct community to share best practices and serve as a platform for recruiters.  The institute will lead the way in thought leadership.

The IIIBSR pursues its mission by educating members on investment banking, strategy & investment baking: through its alumni and Industry / recruiter linkages   the Institute also maintains strong relationships with the Indian and International broking / Investment banking / Family Office community which can serve as vehicles for career advancement.

The programs brought to you by IIIBSR are the first of its kind in the emerging markets. With specially focused programs in the three upcoming fields of study; now students and practitioners can avail the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and develop a focused network within their line of business. Our world class mentoring board ensures you have great handholding whilst pursuing the programs.

A specially developed INTEGRATED post graduate program for management students gives students to undertake these programs whilst continuing their general management / finance studies and focus on specifics at the same.

Indus Investment Banking Club

Membership is open to all students & Alumni of Indus Institute at no charge while non-students have to pay a nominal fee.

The purpose of the Indus Investment Banking Club (IIBC) is to provide members with a forum to share investment banking industry best practices, provide networking opportunities, create customized events , serve as a source of  high-end talent for recruitment and   spearhead investment banking education In the Indian subcontinent. The IIBC is a platform for investment bankers, strategists and Family office owners / managers.

Benefits & Events at IIBC

The  membership privileges include a newsletter, e-mail bulletins, voting privileges, Continual placement support, invitation to networking events. We have multiple events each year. Events include case presentations, mock interview preparation, company wise presentations, cocktail events, resume reviews, financial valuation and modelling workshops, plus multiple elective E/Workshops on writing case studies, Strategic management, Project Management, Leadership . And a lot more!

Please get in touch with our deputy director: dyd@IIIBSR .com for the same.