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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Degrees & Certifications


To operate at the cutting edge of today's pace across industries and stretch the boundaries of knowledge and practices in such a competitive environment demands professionals who are able to combine extensive field expertise, outstanding analytical & research skills with critical thinking. While undergraduate degrees, professional experience and qualifications like the MBA\ CFA\ CA develop these set of competencies to a certain extent professionals need to equip themselves further to emerge as thought leaders who drive innovation and global best practices. The programs offered by The Indus Institute (www.IIIBSR .com) aims to do precisely this. .

Program objectives

The programs in the field of Investment banking offered by IIIBSR are research-oriented which aim to train participants to serve as the architects of the asset management, family office, brokerage and investment banking industries amongst others. Strategy programs have specifically been designed keeping in mind that real life business issues vary greatly from text book solutions.  All programs are designed to prepare talented individuals for challenges requiring an integrated view of the inner-workings of financial markets & institutions, a thorough understanding of financial decision-making based on modelling techniques and the ability to independently identify, analyse, and research to come up with creative solutions to problems.

In Strategy we offer multiple choices ranging from Organizational transformation, product pricing, branding, entry strategy and other subjects / topics within the broad spectrum of strategy. Other thesis topics include; Strategy and Organization in the Global Economy, determination of the strategic direction of the firm, organizational design issues with respect to the implementation of a strategy, as well as the management of various strategic processes within the firm.

In FOM choices include fund management, best practices within the FOM business globally, setting up trusts and associations overseas and other key issues faced by family offices. Indus Institute is the first institute in India to some out with programs addressed to meet the requirements of the family office management business. These programs are designed and students are mentored by some of the world’s leading professionals in the FMO business. Students are encouraged to undertake studies which include a comparison of FMO management & practices from across the world.

Research Based Programs

The doctorate program ensures a methodological base level understanding necessary to approach research & management issues at the frontier of knowledge, enabling participants to understand, design and implement research projects across the broad subjects of investment banking, strategy & family office management. This is achieved through the right mix of full time courses, seminars, electives, book reviews, live projects and field studies within Indus Institute and in collaboration with other leading bodies, interacting with scholars & under the guidance of a strong board of guides and advisors. The program emphasizes rigorous training in both quantitative and qualitative methods of research.

This PhD is a 2-year plus program designed for highly qualified and motivated students. The program is multidisciplinary in nature and students have the option to choose from a wide range of electives, and are also given great mentorship and support throughout their time at IIIBSR . First-year students acquire a broad set of theoretical and methodological skills relevant to various fields in economics and finance, while in the second year they choose their field of specialization. PhD classes are enriched by the interaction among students from all over the world, with backgrounds not only in economics and finance, but also other disciplines such as engineering and statistics. And regular seminars held by internationally renowned internal and external faculty.
Participants undertake the PhD as a critical development step towards senior management and board positions in the financial industry or, when they already hold such positions, to steer their organisations in new directions. Participants even undertake doctoral studies to access academic careers in leading research and educational institutions.

The doctorate programs are in full accreditation and in affiliation with West Coast University, Panama, Central America under Parliamentary Charter that bears full validity and recognition with all member governments and nations under international law statutes recognized by the Vienna Convention of April 18th, 1961, (1963). The blended learning approach is adopted for these programs / degrees which make them feasible for working professionals and students pursuing other courses.


Post Graduate Program in Investment Banking.
Post Graduate Program in Strategy.
Post Graduate Program in Family Office Management.

These are autonomous programs designed keeping in mind the practical application of knowledge within these particular fields. While we agree that the students will have mastered the art of financial modelling on xls sheets during their MBA’s and CA’s. The practical applications in valuations and in depth discussions with practising managers are usually found missing whilst pursuing a MBA / CFA / CA.

These programs are designed to close that gap.
Further these programs can be undertaken by graduates who are working or wish to work in these particular fields. Our PGPIB & PGPS are not positioned as a degree or diploma program but are essentially positioned and designed to gap the bridge between theory & practise. These are designed to make the student ready for the industry.

These programs are 11 months in duration and encompass a 2 month practical training* period for selected students.
Eligibility is graduation
These programs entail online, classroom and long distance mode of study.

Final examination includes an online exam and project report.


Please write to the coordinator for details on the same

Integrated programs

Please write to the coordinator for details on the same

Programs at a Glance

Sr No Program / Award Methodology Duration Awarded By Eligibility
1 Doctorate Programs; research based
1.a PhD in Investment Banking Right mix of class room lectures, online tutorials, online face to face interactive lectures, self-study, case studies, book reviews, live mandates, speaker opportunities, teaching assignments, research & dissertation 2 to 5 yrs West Coast University MBA/ CA / CFA / CS Masters degree
1.b PhD in Strategy 2 to 5 yrs West Coast University MBA/ CA / CFA / CS Masters degree
1.c PhD in Family Office Management 2 to 5 yrs West Coast University MBA/ CA / CFA / CS Masters degree
2 Post Graduate / Certification
2.a PGPIB / PGCIB Online, Class room* & Project report   Autonomous Graduation / Masters Preferred
2.b PGPS     Autonomous  
2.c PGPFOM     Autonomous  
3 Workshops / Certification
3.a Investment Banking
Class room
Project Report
2 to 45 days Autonomous Graduation** / Masters student preferred
3.b Strategy
  2 to 45 days Autonomous  
3.c Family Office Management
  2 to 45 days Autonomous  
4 Integrated Programs In Investment Banking, Family Office Management & Strategy
4.a CIB / CFOM / CIS
Online*, Class room* & Project report
At your college campus
6 to 11 Months Autonomous Graduation** / Masters student preferred

For fees and admissions details please speak to the coordinator. You can also reach the associate dean on associatedean@IIIBSR .com