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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Committee's At IIIBSR

Multiple committees are established at IIIBSR with the aim of enhancing confidence in the integrity of our organisation's processes and procedures relating to internal control, robustness of the systems, managing high standards, managing alliances, ensure smooth functioning and communications between various stake holders, effectiveness of anti-fraud, ethics and compliance systems, review of the functioning and corporate reporting including financial reporting. Each committee with a specific mandate plays a very important role at IIIBSR .

In steering companies through today's complex business environment, boards need strong leadership from their committees. Expanding the field of vision, clearly defining who's tracking the company's risk radar, and taking a step back to re-evaluate its own performance are some of the important steps every Committee should consider.

Admissions & Education Committee

The role of the Admissions and Education committee is to provide leadership in higher education by imparting quality and socially relevant knowledge, to promote educational programmes in various disciplines of knowledge with synergistic interaction with society and industry. To ensure a fair system for admissions and manage high standards of education across all programs offered by IIIBSR .

Scholarship Committee

The role of the scholarship committee is to ensure deserving students are not deprived of a chance to gain practical and meaning full education there by ensuring equal opportunity for all.

CSR Committee

The role of this committee is twofold; one to give greater opportunity to women & deprived sections of the society; in order to prepare them to be effective leaders and two to make students to be conscious of their duty to the country and to fellow human beings. A portion of fees collected at IIIBSR is earmarked for such purposes.

Global Strategic Alliances Committee

This is a group of professionals with a passion to promote excellent business opportunities for economic growth, corporate responsibility and the development of a new level of leadership.
The prime role being Strategic alliances, Industry interaction, Formation & support of regional chapters & encourage connections for exchange / integrated programs

This committee will also play a pivotal role in increasing funding sources through avenues including strategic alliances, grants and sponsorships, developing long term stability through major funding initiatives and effectively and efficiently managing and growing all donor relationship

Career Guidance Committee

The role of this committee is to develop aptitudes and skill sets of students to equip them to face the challenges and needs of fast changing society. Students will be counselled by this committee. Soft skills development including case writing, personal branding and honing teaching & speaker skills are some initiatives of this committee.

Alumni Committee (driven by Students & Me personally)

This committee is responsible for facilitating communications on behalf of IIIBSR , including press releases, newsletters, promotional material content, and web site content to alumni of IIIBSR .
Continual support and interaction between other committees and alumni is the prime responsibility of the members of this committee.

Authors & Book Writers Committee

The role of this committee is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge through research, publications and dissemination. Encourage young practitioners to write in journals and examine the possibility of publishing books.

Events & Conferences Committee

IIIBSR through (IIBC) Indus Investment Banking Club will be organizing multiple events aimed at student development, networking for students & Industry at large and for sharing of best practices. These events are supplementary to the knowledge & skill sets gained at IIIBSR and will enable the students to gain industry recognition and support. These events will be overseen by this committee.
This committee also develops and designs collateral pieces to support established marketing strategies

Learning Committee

The prime role of this committee is to ensure the best professionals and professors are available for students. Improvements in program and service delivery, Guest Lectures, Institutional Alliances and overseeing the regular day to day operations are undertaken by this committee.

This committee will also maintain the portion, suggest changes & ensure that the latest management techniques are a part of the curriculum. Tie ups and alliances with other institutes & universities are a part of the profile of this committee.

IIIBSR Foundation Committee

The IIIBSR Foundation committee serves as a nodal point for all committees. The IIIBSR foundation committee serves as the board and ensures that decisions taken by all committees are enacted upon. Development and overlooking of the annual objectives will be the prime role of this committee.

The committees mentioned above will have eminent individuals from the academia and industry as members. Selected members of the mentoring and advisory board are also members of these committees. Every committee will have student member/s also.  Each committee will have 3 to 10 members. The roles of committee members are available with the coordinator. For further details please contact your mentor or the coordinator for further details.


Please note that members of the Scholarship committee will not be declared. Prospective / Students are prohibited to discuss / canvass scholarship and related matters with members of this or any committee other than the admissions committee.