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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry DU students in a chemistry lab

Code of Ethics

IIIBSR Code of Ethics

Members of IIIBSR community are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards. Community member include all stake holders including mentors, students and faculty. The management through its committees has articulated the following guidelines.

The code is meant to:
1. Promote growth of ethically responsible managers, practitioners & academicians
2. Ensure adherence to highest standards of academic integrity
3. Ensure overall ethical conduct & develop a sense of individual responsibility on the part of each member of the community
4. Foster an environment of honour & trust

The IIIBSR community member is expected to represent him/ herself honestly in all oral or written communications. Further the member will not misrepresent any material fact / seek an unfair advantage especially through, but not limited to the following:

  1. Lying to prospective employers.
  2. Misrepresenting any material fact on application, scholarship/ aid form, or any other official document
  3. Lying to other community members in order to gain preferential treatment
  4. Misrepresenting the originality of one’s work, including failure to cite the contributions of others / sources.
  5. Using any dishonest method to gain an unfair advantage over other students.
  6. Not following guidelines laid down by instructors / mentors for assignments / & or other academic engagements.

Further: The IIIBSR student is expected to respect the materials, data, and property of other members of the IIIBSR community, Including intellectual property & rights. The student will not misuse or misappropriate the materials, data, or other property of another. The student is expected to respect the individual rights of others.

The IIIBSR community is committed to an environment free from discrimination of any kind.

If a student fails to adhere to the Code; appropriate actions may be taken by the management. These actions include (based on the severity of the issue): Letter of Reprimand, Probation, Suspension, grade modification and Expulsion; or exclusion from specified / specific extracurricular activities.

Decisions made by the dean / associate dean / respective committee are final and binding. No reimbursements of legal expenses / fee refund can be claimed by the student involved.


Any member of the IIIBSR community wishing to complain of a breach of the Code may submit their complaint in writing to the dean / associate dean.

Complaints may be filed anonymously. All contacts between the complainant(s) and the dean / associate dean will be held in confidence.


Any member so held guilty under the Code by Dean or designate may appeal to the Admissions committee. A request for the hearing of an appeal must be made to the Chairman of the admissions committee within seven days of the Dean's decision; if the committee refuses to hear the appeal, then the decision of the Dean will stand. In case the committee agrees for an hearing and comes with a judgement the word of the committee is final and binding on all parties.